What's the big deal about energy?

The average American home utilizes 900kWh each month.1 By adopting the same systems that power, heat, and cool the LightHotel, most American homes would spend closer to 100kWh.

The Energy Pool

Think of the total amount of energy like a pool—it has many sources; coal, gas, nuclear, wind, solar, and hydro-electric power. It also has many drains; transportation, industry, buildings, and your laptop and phone. But buildings by far are the largest consumer of electricity, accounting for half of all energy usage in the state of Minnesota.

How about "green" energy?

Coal and gas each contribute a third to the "pool" of energy sources. Renewable sources, like wind and solar, are rising in contribution.3 The US has goals to produce half the nations' electricity from renewable sources by 20253, and Minnesota has embraced that endeavor with initiatives like the Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program.4


LightHotel looks to a future of locally-sourced electricity and found the information above from the places below: