Where does the Water come from?

The water that flows throughout LightHotel comes from a large reservoir underneath the bed. The reservoir can hold 250 gallons of freshwater at a time. The water is then pumped through the utility closet and is heated and transferred to both the shower and sink. 

What is greywater?

Grey water is essentially wastewater that has low levels of contaminants and if filtered can be applied for non-potable uses. In the LightHouse, the greywater comes from both the shower and faucet.

It is then stored in the utility closet in a greywater filter where any bacteria or contaminants that may be present are removed. Once the water is filtered it can be used to water plants or reused for non-potable purposes. 

Why Should I Care?

Most water systems in use today combine both the greywater and blackwater further contaminating the greywater and requiring professional water treatment. If more homes and businesses adopted greywater systems, they can take advantage of other ways of reusing greywater for applications such as dishwashers, laundry machines, and toilet water– minimizing freshwater waste.


Typical toilets use 1.6 gal/flush which requires treatment. In the LightHotel, a composting toilet is used eliminating flushed wastewater. Unlike a standard flush toilet, solid waste is stored in the toilet and a fan continuously blows air across the waste to remove both odor and moisture from the waste. Liquid waste also known as blackwater is separated and stored in a tank which is regularly emptied and treated municipally.

Similarly, a typical shower uses 2.4 gal/min whereas the low flow shower head in the LightHotel reduces the amount of water to 1 gal/min. The pressure is maintained and you'll still be clean!